Sherni’s award winning Sauces prepared to perfection just for your kitchen

Sherni’s authentic Indian foods including sauces have been perfected using traditional family recipes handed down over many generations.
Our mother always used the freshest ingredients, using no gluten , thickeners or artificial preservatives, definitely no MSG. We never saw or heard of any of these products in our kitchen
She created delicious, nutritious meals without compromise, and were to die for !
Fresh onions, garlic, ginger and blends of spices are used to prepare really tasty authentic sherni’s award winning curry sauces.
Keeping this home style cooking concept of our mother’s good old traditional recipes remain at the heart of Sherni’s offering.
Also keeping in mind the modern health conscious and busy lifestyles of today’s consumer.

The correct blend of spices, quantities and recipe are now available to you in a jar ready to go,
in less then 10 minutes you can enjoy an authentic delicious curry.

What makes Sherni’s sauces so delicious, we only use the best quality of fresh ingredients,
our own brand of freshly ground premium quality pure spices and our extensive 50 plus years of experience in the food Industry.

We hope that you really enjoy the delightful aromatic aromas when preparing a meal using one of the Sherni’s sauces whether it’s creamy smooth butter chicken or any of the other really traditional curry sauces.

About Chef

The sauces have been developed from family influence and our passion for good quality food..
We wanted to bring good, authentic Indian foods to the table. Having lived in Four different continents/culinary regions (India, Africa, Europe and Canada), we had something different and tasty to offer from the run of the mill tasting sauces in these markets. Our family has over 50 years experience in the Food Industry in various aspects from wholesale import/export, to retail to airline catering management. Chef |Ashok Sharma (recipe creator, and director of production) has been cooking since his early teen days when he went from washing dishes to working as an apprentice to a grand chef from Tokyo who cooked in a major hotel in London England. He brings his authenticity and passion into every dish he creates and this is evident every time you try Sherni’s curry sauce. The Canadian Food Company’s passion is to bring authentic Indian dishes to consumers including those consumers who had previously not cooked Indian food at home, but wanted ingredients that were natural and sourced locally.

Brand History
The brand has been around for about 4 years having been developed and manufactured at The Guelph Food Technology Center at the University of Guelph. We have invested in food engineers and scientists to help develop and standardize our superior tasting sauces. The development of the taste, natural offering and branding has evolved over the past 3 years . Marketing at premium supermarkets such as Longos, Starsky’s,, Market Fresh amongst other establishments has been increased, and since January 2012 new labeling and attending food shows has raised the awareness to higher level.

In 2012 Sherni’s Sauces won the International Food Of the Year Award At the Toronto International Centre Food show

The Canadian Food Company
Bradford, Ontario.
Web: www.sherni’
Telephone: 416 834 7100